Are you looking to source Comprehensive cables and other connectivity items from the Comprehensive division of Vcom IMC? If so, cut out the middle man and go directly to their Chinese supplier!

Here is a recent Bill of Lading from Cable Manufacturer Elka International ( dated 4/10/2017.

We do not know the specifics of that they ordered, but via a record search of imports it sure seems that they are importing a LOT of containers from this company.

Since Comprehensive ( does not appear to sell anything with the Elka brand in their catalog/website AND that Elka is widely known for their OEM capabilities; once may draw the conclusion that Comprehensive cables (at least some of them) are simply re-branded Elka cables.

Are you looking for the same “quality” cables that you can purchase from Comprehensive at a lower cost? Go directly to their source and cut out the middle man!

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