Where does Vcom IMC import their products from?

Every wonder where a company imports their products from? There are many freely available resources online to find this information.

Many will provide you a free “sneak-peak” at some of the data available, with more robust information made accessible with a single or subscription payment.

Below are a couple of snapshots of Vcom IMC‘s profile on the website Panjiva (*snapshots made using Windows “Snipping Tool” and the native “Print Screen” key that has been a part of windows for 15+ years)




What we can see here are a couple of things.

  • Vcom IMC has imported A/V Carts from a company called Ningbo ETDZ Holdings LTD. A simple google search for that companies name turns up several results including the company’s own website, as well as their Alibaba profile. Contacting this company directly to do business is as simple as sending an email.
    • Vcom IMC has a division Hamilton Buhl which sells their own brand of a/v carts. Could some/all of those a/v carts be from Ningbo ETDZ Holdings LTD?
  • Vcom IMC has a top supplier named Elka International Ltd. and a top product of “cable”. Another simple Google search for that company’s name returns many results. Add their top product “cable” to your search query and you will be certain you have found their top supplier of their top product (*according to Panjiva). A quick look at Elka’s website reveals a large selection of cables.
    • Vcom IMC has a division Comprehensive Cable which sells their own line of cables. Could some/all of these cables be from Elka?

Panjiva is not the only resource for this information, Other companies such as Tradespaq, Port Examanier and Import Genius all offer this type of information, which is public record drawn from the bills of lading of the import.

Want to learn more about Vcom IMC? Do some simple searching on the internet for their company’s name (and the names of the various divisions) and the word “import” and you will be amazed at the breadth of information at your fingertips.



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